General Practice (Internal medicine & minor surgery) Travel Medicine (Travel Clinic) Paediatrics (Saturdays only)
Immunisations for all ages Medical examinations

-We are not adopting Rosai insurance system and Maternal and Child Health system.
-We are not enrolled in Home-Healthcare services and Geriatric services.

< Insurances Accepted >
・Japanese National Health Insurance (NHI) and international insurances (HTH Worldwide, Aetna Global, Seven Corners, GeoBlue, and United Healthcare “International Cashless” members)

If you prefer a relaxed consultation, we advise you not using the NHI card at THE KING CLINIC. Please remind yourself that NHI plan at our clinic will be very brief.


Please call to make an appointment (no e-mail).


Hours by Appointment Only.
・We cannot guarantee you seeing the doctor for walk-in. Please make an appointment beforehand by calling us.
・We will answer calls during office hours, not during recess.
・NHI patients will get 5~10 minute frame with the doctor. If you would like to discuss longer, please opt not using your NHI.
・Please mention what you wish to discuss When making appointment; this will change your time allowed and our availability. (We do not accept changing your status from non-NHI to NHI visit.)
・Non-NHI patients will have the chance to see the doctor based on the duration purchased.

■Consultation Schedule

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun



○ Call



○ Call ○ Call

●: Operating.

○: Limited availability. Please call.

Corporate Services

We will not respond to personal/non-corporate contacts.

Medical Exams
■ Interview, physical inspections and measurements
■ Blood analyses, urinalyses, and other laboratory works
■ Electrocardiogram, plain X-ray (i.e. CXP), abdominal ultrasound, audiogram, and spirometer
■ PPD Tuberculin skin test

Fluoroscopy, upper gastric fiberscopy, colonoscopy, CT, PET-CT, MRI/MRA, stress ECG, Holter ECG will be arranged in conjunction with St. Luke’s International Hospital. The invoice will be consolidated in ours to simplify your work. Reports can be opted to be completed in both English and Japanese. Express fee will be added to any demanding person.

We boast for our selection and stock to be most wide-ranged and global in the country.

Pre-travel consultation
NHI is not applied, but our quality of pre-travel consultation is one of the best you can find in this country.

Corporate/occupational health medicine
Contract and fee may vary by conditions demanded by your company. Obviously, all services are available in English.

●Payment policy for corporate patients/candidates

We welcome corporate contract for annual medical examinations, immunisations, and other services. Your HR or treasury department must contact us directly to make your appointment.
Group discount applied only for volume of 50 or more fixed-and-prepaid (no-refund) orders.

Corporate Contact Form

Please fill out the fields below. Non-corporate contacts will be ignored. (*Required fields)
Non-corporate inquiries must be made by phone.

Please search through a separate organisation for recommended travel vaccines.

If you do not get a reply, please attempt a phone call as a reminder.
We are not able to check your inquiries on closed days (such as Wednesdays).

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