THE KING CLINIC has been catering medical service to the international community, including diplomats, expatriates and mixed-culture society, in Japan for over 65 years. Pre-WWII Shanghai is where Theodor T. King, M.D., Ph.D. founded this clinic in the British district. He was invited back to Japan after the war, by General D. MacArthur, for his professional reputation and international mentality. His son, Leo A. T. King, M.D. took over the clinic in 1999, after the training at St. Luke’s International Hospital, Tokyo, Japan.
Leo King, M.D. grew up in the international community in Japan, and is a product of St. Mary’s International School (Tokyo), where he was exposed to multi-lingual/cultural/ethnicity/religious diversity, making him very international by all means. Leo King, M.D. is a general practitioner and one of the well-known vaccine experts in this country.

History of the Clinic

Pre-WWII, founding of the clinic in Shanghai, PRC
Closed the clinic in 1949 due to the communist invasion.
1950 Invite back to Tokyo, Japan by the invitation and order by Gen. D. MacArthur
1952 Japanese registration
1974 Theodor T. King, M.D., Ph.D. assigned as the United Nations Examining Physician (UNEP)
1978 Began accepting Japanese National Health Insurance (the first private expat clinic to adopt NHI)
1999 Taken over by Leo A. T. King, M.D., UNEP
2009 Leo King, M.D. assigned as primary care physician at St. Luke’s International Hospital
2009 Obtaining Certificate in Travel Health®
2013 Relocation to the present building.

1950 Theodor King, M.D., Ph.D. re-training the Japanese Self-Defence Force Medical Unit, under the order of Gen. D. MacArthur.

1965 A memorable photograph with His Excellency, Sir M. Coppini of Italia.

Beliefs of the Clinic

At THE KING CLINIC, all patients are recognised as a part of our “care-giving team”. Thus, expected to exchange valuable information as well as participating in discussion and and understanding the nature of the ailment. You are welcomed to open up your concerns to the team help yourself recover from the concern. (Applied for non-NHI patients only.)

We boast that we are one of the very few clinics in Japan that stands on Western logic, and not only the language skills. (Obviously, we must follow the Japanese NHI rules and Law.)
This can only be done by a medical provider with experience, competency, and sustainability; segregating us from the providers relying only on language skills. We strongly believe to see the ill person, not the disease. Likewise, travel medicine and children’s immunisation must stand on similar concept and flexibility to adopt international-and-updated schedules.

- To be an active member of the international community and bridging to the local society.
- To sustain our standards and quality to the high level and lifestyle.
- To always be the innovator in the vaccine provider, catering the latest and safest vaccines from the Western market,adopting international schedules.
- To continue the legacy and spirit founded by the founder, Theodor T. King, M.D., Ph.D.

30 Jul 2013