Annual Company Physicals (Customisable to suit each company’s requirements) School Physicals for International Schools and Colleges Abroad Entrance Medical Visa Medical Clearance
Pre-travel Medical Clearanc Expatriate Physicals Medical Examinations for United Nations and related organizations Renewal of U.S. Driver’s License
Nautical and Flight Cabin Attendant Medical Clearance and Vaccinations Medical Clearance for Scuba Divers (PADI®)

・Please inquire for other Medical Examinations and Clearances. Basically, most tests are available (in partnership with St. Luke’s International Hospital) at extra costs.
・Your reports will come in English and not composed by automated computer comments.
・Costs may vary by the panel of tests, and how soon you will need them.
・For corporate applicants: Please check in from “Corporate Services”.

Common Tests Available

Appointment / Access

■ Interview, physical inspections and measurements
■ Blood analyses, urinalyses, and other laboratory works
■ Electrocardiogram, plain X-ray (i.e. CXP), abdominal ultrasound, audiogram, and spirometer
■ PPD Tuberculin skin test
■ Fluoroscopy, upper gastric fiberscopy, colonoscopy, CT, PET-CT, MRI/MRA, stress ECG, Holter ECG will be arranged in conjunction with St. Luke’s International Hospital. The invoice will be consolidated in ours to simplify your work.
■ Reports can be opted to be completed in both English and Japanese.
■ Express fee will be added to any demanding person.

THE KING CLINIC is strongly affiliated with
St. Luke’s International Hospital and its group.
(Dr. Leo King has a desk at St. Luke’s MediLocus on every Monday mornings.)