The field includes education and research including preventive and curative medicine within specialties of tropical medicine, infectious diseases, high altitude physiology, marine health, travel related obstetrics/paediatrics, psychiatry, occupational health, military and migration medicine, and so on.

Most travel clinics in Japan provide only immunizations, but at THE KING CLINIC, we adhere to the global standard of assisting the travelers to obtain deeper knowledge and management skills during their trip or stay in another country, as well as providing the best quality vaccines and preventative medications imported from EU/UK/US, to serve the international community at its highest level.
※ The service is not covered by NHI, and the fee correlates to the duration of your time spent with the doctor/nurse.

Our doctors are well trained and most of them have obtained Certificate in Travel Health® provided by The International Society of Travel Medicine. Our specialists will provide you the best experience in Japan, based on their deep knowledge and advanced experiences standing on academic achievements and international mentality.