THE KING CLNIC is licensed to provide scheduled vaccines sponsored by the Japanese Government and/or the Shibuya-Ward benefits.
Those living within the 23 Tokyo Wards may use the national scheduled vaccine coupon at our clinic.

We also stock and provide Western-standard vaccines directly and legally imported from the U.S.A. and EU/UK, under guaranteed cold-chain. Our traceability of vaccine logistics will provide you the safest Western vaccines in this nation.

We adopt any countries vaccine schedule, along with merging with other (i.e. Japanese).

-Who should get vaccinated

Children Students Adults and senior adults Pregnant ladies and preparation for pregnancy
Scheduled vaccinees Travelers Preparation for traveling, studying abroad, international programs, et cetra Immunodeficient persons
Those under anti-acid medication Post-gastrectomy patient Post bone-marrow transplant, functional/anatomical asplenic patients, HIV/AIDS person, patients getting prepared for hemodialysis or chemotherapy

Other that need immunisation for various reasons

We boast the best quality pre-travel consultation
amongst the private clinics in Japan

We can discuss with travelers:

  • ・That are leaving in few days.
  • ・That need multiple vaccines at once.
  • ・That want to follow other country’s schedule.
  • ・With medical conditions
  • ・That are pregnant, or almost there

We may not be the less expensive provider, but we do cater the best service, quality, and discussion in Japan.

Compare your record!

Our record is always filled out in English, in a WHO book.

※Initial issuing of the WHO yellow card is complimentary, but re-issuing or filling out on a separate day will be at cost.

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Our stock

We usually have the following stock available at any time. However, due to unexpected logistic incidents, they may run short. Please make sure that you make your appointment and what you need at your visit.

If you need other particular vaccine(s), we may order them on demand (prepaid, no refund, no cancellation, no changing orders, and please be specific).

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If you are not sure which vaccine to get or is appropriate for your traveling, please click on the link below.
※We are not going to answer which ones you need over the phone. ※However, you may opt to see the doctor for discussion at cost (not covered by NHI), our certified specialists will guide you through global standard selection.