Health Certificate for COVID-19 2020-03-24

PCR test is required to check for the COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection), but PCR test for those who do not currently have respiratory infections in Japan is not ready. We cannot run the PCR test at our clinic.

For those “health certificate” is required, we issue it with consultation with doctor and chest x-ray. On the certificate we provide, we cannot prove that you are not infected with COVID-19 or have the potential to spread.
Therefore, the certificate issued by us is limited to the phrase “No symptoms of respiratory infection are found at the time of your visit under medical examination, and chest X-ray.” (X-ray findings are further omitted for infants who cannot take chest x-rays)

It is your own responsibility to request the health certificate to our clinic, but we cannot assure the organization you submit the document accept it. The King Clinic cannot take responsibility if the certificate is rejected.
After carefully considering the above, you will be asked to request a medical certificate at your own discretion, and please note that it will be created in our format.